Weddings are a combination of style, elegance and grace. They’re about letting your loved ones in on your special journey and making memories that you as a couple can cherish for a lifetime ahead. Planning a wedding is so much fun but making sure you’re up to date with the hottest wedding trends of the season is important at the same time. And that’s exactly where we’d like to step in. Indulge Events & Multimedia is here to help.

From the most happening décor trends to food, fashion, glamour and more, here are the top wedding trends for the upcoming year 2019.

Say hello to splendid orange hues

Yes you heard that right! Orange is definitely the new pink when it comes to wedding trends and we’re not complaining one bit. Inspired from the fashion runways of powerhouses Marc Jacobs as well as Tom Ford, the ultimate way of using this bold and beautiful color is to incorporate it into your wedding in the most subtle yet suave manner. This includes your intricate floral design as well as your wedding invitations. We’re talking along the lines of bright oranges or pale apricots for the most stunning autumn themed wedding.

Add an element of pop to your décor

Who said you can’t have some fun with your wedding décor? Elevated balloon structures are no longer reserved for kid’s birthday events, they’re wonderful centerpieces and a part of the hottest wedding trends too! Clear balloons that are filled using glitter or simply pastel themed arrangements are gorgeous options worth trying, not to mention that Instagram worthy raving review you’re bound to receive on your feed.

Go the bold direction with a touch of hue in your bridal wardrobe

It’s time for brides to shun the white and opt for a touch of hue in their wedding gowns. Think about Rachel Adams starring in the hit movie About Time, where she adorned red in all its aesthetically appealing madness. And just in case you’re bold enough, how about flaunting black in all its glory and turn heads the right way with this incredible wedding trend this season? If you ask us, we love giving people a wonderful and guaranteed reason worth talking about and this is just the perfect way.

Its dessert tables for days

While wedding cakes and soufflés are always welcomed all year long, it’s time to switch things up a bit with dessert tables for days. Did we mention how fabulous of a way it could serve to be in terms of allowing guests to interact with one another? From seamlessly created mini pie stations and ice cream bars to the most adorably designed s’mores units, allow guests to indulge on their sweet desires with this seamless wedding trend of 2019.

Say hello to BIG wreaths

We’ve been adoring hoops for a number of seasons now but it’s time to replace them with wreaths as the most happening décor related wedding trend at your event this 2019. Whether you decide to let them free stand or suspend them gracefully from the ceiling, the choice is all yours. They’re fascinating to look at, versatile in use and act as super sized additions, sure to incorporate that touch of charm to your décor. Let’s not forget how splendid they are as your nuptial backdrop and the fact that they can also be repurposed to get that wow worthy type of reception décor.


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